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Are you a licensed psychologist? Create your free profile and connect with clients where you can have the most impact.

How does it work?

Submit your application

Submit your application to create a profile and after we verify your credentials you will become available to new clients on our platform. You will be able to login to our app and use it for free.

Start counselling

Set your prices and choose if you offer chat, audio or video sessions. Easily match and connect with clients with who you could have the most impact and start counselling.

Get paid easily

We provide a safe and secure way for you to get paid from people around the world. You will get paid for your sessions on a weekly basis and we only take a small fee when a session is booked.

Full control over your pricing and profile

Set your own prices, add languages and get paid easily. You can edit everything through the app.

Easily create schedule

It will only take you 30 seconds. Choose the days and time when you want to be available with just a couple of clicks. Any booked session can be easily synced with your personal calendar.

Find a client that you want to work with

We create a personalized feed of clients that you could have the most impact with. You can easily reach out to them and start engaging. All for free!

Safe and secure way to communicate

The video and audio sessions are peer to peer and fully encrypted. This means that only you and your client have access to the session room and nothing can be recorded.

Time to take action

Create your profile and gain access to 10,000+ potential clients.

Psychologists are loving Nelma.io

With Nelma I had over 800 successfully completed sessions with satisfied clients. I am looking forward to continuing the work with the existing clients and to connecting with new ones. I really appreciate that the clients can choose to be anonymous and reach out for free. This is a great way to introduce them to the counselling process.
Biljana Stojanovska
Licensed Psychologist
Nelma is one of the first attempts in North Macedonia to provide accessible mental health care. Excellent platform that gives me the opportunity to help people find their path and accept themselves as they are.
Ivica Pavlov
Licensed Psychologist
Nelma is a tool that makes us more available to each other. Being a part of this platform from the beginning, allowed me to research online counselling as a new way of offering my service. Now I feel more useful and more of a help to the broader population of people. Nelma enabled me to help people whether they needed relief, to make personal changes or build resources within themselves.
Margarita Nikolovska
Licensed Psychologist
Nelma helped me improve myself professionally. It gave me the opportunity to work from the comfort of my home, to set flexible working hours and to be accessible to many clients. I highly recommend it!
Verica Bakuleska
Licensed Psychologist
Nelma is an easily accessible and reliable application. With the help of this application, many people who were ashamed or had a prejudice to talk to a psychologist, reached out for support. The possibility to stay anonymous made it easier for people to make the first step. Thanks to Nelma I now have a career in counselling.
Angela Bogdanovska
Licensed Psychologist

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