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Same-day affordable mental healthcare designed around you and your life.

How to get affordable mental healthcare?

One size does not fit all.
Download our app and find a therapist that vibes with you. You can switch to a new one any time.

Anonymously share an issue

Answer 3 short questions about the issues and challenges that you are facing and we will share your questions anonymously with relevant psychologists. You will get a few FREE short responses from different mental health professionals.

Book your appointment

You got a response that you like? Check the relevant information for the psychologist and then choose the time that suits you best and choose if you want it to be a texting, audio or video session. You can also request a time that suits you best.

Start counselling

Start your session when the booked time comes through our mobile app. Have a secure and private conversion with an encrypted audio or video call.

Try it for free

Share your challenges anonymously and the right psychologist will find you.

Affordable mental healthcare and counselling

Speaking with a mental health professional can have a significant positive impact on your life. Anxiety or stress, family or work, we’ve got you!

Wondering how to overcome your issues?

Answer 3 short questions about the challenges that you are facing and we will share your questions anonymously with relevant psychologists. You will get a few FREE short responses from different mental health professionals from around the world.

Browse and search for a licensed psychologist yourself​

All the psychologists available on our app are licensed by the relevant body in the region or state they come from. You can browse and see information or use our filters and search functionalities to narrow the list.

Get your balance back step by step

Try out our free and easy to use Mood Journal. Track and measure your activities within seconds and get useful insights. Setup an automatic reminder so you never miss a day.

Time to take action

Join our 10,000 + users and get affordable mental healthcare from licensed psychologists

People are loving Nelma

And they also love the psychologists on the Nelma platform

“He helped me see my problems from a new perspective. Atanas showed great understanding of my psychological and emotional challenges and he helped overcome them in a rational way. It was worth it!"
“This was a wonderful experience! I have to admit that I overcame many of my issues thanks to Angela, and I noticed a good positive change in me during our last session. I recommend her to everyone who wants to learn more about themselves and wants to get better.”
“It was a great first conversation, I am very thankful to Ivica. He showed understanding, he asked the right questions and he gave me very practical advice that helped me get back to my real self. I recommend him to everyone."
"After my talk with Sanja I felt calm. She opened new perspectives with different techniques that were suitable for me. I've had experiences with different psychologists, but Sanja had an impact from the very beginning. I am sure she will help me overcome my fears. I highly recommend her!"
“If you are looking for a place where you can freely express yourself, this is it! After each conversation I felt free, and my thoughts and words felt safe. I didn't get a sense of any judging from Biljana. We had 6 sessions, but time passed so quickly. Biljana is the right choice!”
"Verica is very pleasant. Our first session was getting to know each other better. I have the feeling that she is a great listener, she understood my problem and gave a concise suggestion for how we would work to overcome it. I recommend her."

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